Infographic: U.S. Migration Patterns and Reasons Why We Move


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This infographic comes from Atlas World Group. The following is an excerpt from the description they provided:

“Nationwide, the top five reasons for moving include:
1. To establish own household
2. To be closer to work/school/other
3. Needed larger house or apartment
4. Wanted better home
5. New job or job transfer

This infographic was developed to give readers a quick look at migration patterns and the
reasons why people move.”

There is a good amount of relevant data here. It’s pretty interesting to see where people are moving out of and into, and that there is such a wide variation by region in the main factors contributing to people’s moves. The consistency in the colors of the regions throughout is nice, and the designer dodged the potential for bleeding onto white-backgrounded websites by providing gradient shading on the sides of the infographic, and using what appears to be an off-white for the center (unless mine eyes deceive me).

While I’d like to see more different types of data to round out the IG, what’s here is useful information that is laid out in a clean way. It’s easy to follow and interesting to viewers who are moving, thinking about moving, wondering about population migration, or curious what the reasons are for people moving in their region of the country.

I’m a little unsure why “U.S. Migration Patterns” is capitalized, while “and reasons why we move,” which seems to be part of the title or a subtitle, isn’t capitalized. But that, along with the desire for some more info, is pretty much my only critique.

Overall I would give this infographic an A-. It’s executed pretty professionally, seems appropriate for its information, is in keeping with design and dimension standards for infographics, and tells an interesting story–if a short one. Just a little more data would help make this even better.

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