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This infographic comes to us from our friends at Viral MS.

There are a ton of Twitter infographics out there, most of which find a way to incorporate the Twitter brand or just birds in general. This one is particularly creative – I love all of the different types of birds and that the entire infographic is a tree in a little park. There is also a healthy amount of data visualization here. Overall, I give this a B.

The reason that this one didn’t earn an A is the lack of cohesion in the data. The design is pretty cohesive, but this just seems to be a list of random facts about Twitter. An good infographic should tell a story, and this one really doesn’t – it seems to be a bit all over the place. A way to improve this would be to stick to the “Twitterpalooza” theme and include facts that refer to excess or abundance of things related to Twitter, such as the stat for the tweets per second record and more about how many users there are, how much Twitter is worth, it’s rapid growth in the past few years, etc.

Another suggestion I have is for the pie chart towards the end – the yellow fonts are difficult to read and the labels are placed haphazardly around the pie chart instead of near the sections of the pie that they correspond to. That way, the chart will be a lot easier to look at for the reader.

Lastly, the full-size version of this is way too large. Shrinking the width down to 1000 pixels will keep it at a reasonable, readable size without forcing the user to scroll in multiple directions in order to view the entire thing. Overall, this is a great Twitter infographic. I love all of the different little birds (some of them are so cute!) and the design is interesting and creative.

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