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This infographic was submitted by Spring Creek Group. They also provided this description:

“The Cardinals of St. Louis are the champions of the baseball world. This #WorldSeries was one of the most social media heavy sporting events to date. Fueled by our childhood love of baseball cards, we put together this stat-filled card which looks at how the Fall Classic played out on Twitter. Feel free to share (and stick it in the spokes of your Schwinn).”

There is clever design on the top portion of this infographic, using an image of one man to host three different points of data viz. (Somehow the basketball-sized baseball works for me.) It’s got a pretty clear focus, too.

However, the way that the text is laid out (very few words per line) makes it look like there is more text than there is, and since the infographic is so short, it needs to look data-driven. (Since it’s about baseball in general, it could stand to have a lot more data.)

The baseball pie chart could use some cleaning up, too–in particular, the dotted trails the viewer has to follow to find the player each percentage represents. It’s redundant to list the percentages again if you have a line linking the name to the chart–but the lines seem a bit cluttered, anyway. Perhaps if the illustrated man’s hand was coming forward, maybe to catch the baseball, then the chart could be bigger (because the ball would be seen as closer to the viewer) and player names could go right on the pie chart with the percentages.

Then the line graph below is a bit confusing. A quick Google search showed that rain delayed Game 6 of the World Series on October 26, which would explain the rain drop… but one shouldn’t have to Google things to understand what they are on an infographic. A brief description, such as “rain delay,” would have helped. (It’s surprising there weren’t more tweets that day–I would think baseball fans would be tweeting up a storm, so to speak, about the delay of an important game like that!)

Overall I’d give this a C–it’s okay, but it does need some work to make it great.

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