Infographic: Twacked–When Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad


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This infographic was submitted by Veracode, who have this to say:

“Whether it’s malicious intent or simple human error, Twitter users are increasingly at risk when it comes to protecting their privacy and reputation online. This infographic details several of the most recent and now infamous Twitter hacks, and examines common entry points for hackers, including weak passwords and malicious email attachments.”

This was really interesting to read, and definitely made me laugh. I love that there are screenshots of all the hacks–what’s included is extremely thorough, even giving examples of the banned passwords. That sort of detail is sometimes left out, but this included everything it promised. There are a few typos throughout, though. “Justin Bieber’s friends Twitter” should’ve had an apostrophe, “friend’s.” The info box about The Script Kiddies reads “The Script Kiddie.”

Unfortunately, there’s no data viz here, because, well, there’s almost no data to visualize. There are plenty of examples shown, and lots of interesting facts, but very little that can be shown in a chart or graph or by size or any of the other ways infographics do it. The most followed Twitter accounts would have been prime territory for a bar graph. Something might’ve been done with the 26,000 text messages Bieber’s hacker got, too. That’s not really enough to complete an infographic, though. I still want to give it a C because it’s really entertaining and the design, while a little chaotic, looks great and is easy to follow. It just needs a lot less text and a lot more graphics.

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