Infographic: Turkey & Travel


Learn interesting Thanksgiving facts and travel statistics in this Thanksgiving infographic.
Provided by Nationwide Bank

This infographic was submitted to us by Nationwide Bank.

I like the simple layout and flow of this infographic. It’s not a challenge to decide what to look at next and the color scheme isn’t overbearing; it’s actually very simple but with subtle oranges and browns, with the icons providing extra visual interest.

We’re introduced to a little data viz in Turkey by the Numbers (one turkey for every two people = better get eating!) and it continues through. There are a few instances that could’ve been visualized (56% of drivers go at least 100 miles, and average is 214) but overall the designer did a good job with it.

Even though there are no individual spots where I feel the text is too long, the infographic begins to feel a little weighty at the bottom, starting around Myth Busting. There are never more than 2 sentences next to each other, but the nature of an infographic ensures that just 2 sentences can take up 4 or 5 lines and end up looking like more than they are. Breaking up these instances with larger icons or data viz can disrupt the feeling of too much text.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It’s got plenty of data to tell its story without becoming overwhelming and it’s well organized. I would just give a bit more thought to the appearance of text and creating a little more visual interest with more illustrations and/or data viz throughout.

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