Infographic: Traveling by Air – Tips, Tricks and Debunked Myths


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This infographic was submitted to us by Cheap Sally.

The design here is very clean and easy to interpret. The sections are cleanly separated by banners and the colors stand out without being too overbearing. There’s a lot of useful information here and not too much reading. It’s really pretty helpful for someone looking to book a flight for either the cheapest or most high-quality flight.

It’s interesting to see the distribution of busiest airports in the US; they’re pretty evenly spread across the country, with the exception of the Northwest and upper Midwest. I wouldn’t have guessed that Hartsfield-Jackson serves more locations than any other–in fact, 100 more than SFO!

I appreciate that there’s a decent amount of data viz… but why does it stop where it does? It’d be great to see charts comparing all 10 airports in each capacity–destinations served compared, airlines served compared, etc. Charts and graphs are always going to be more interesting to look at than written numbers or text. The same goes for the baggage fees. Imagine if the designer had visualized each bag price using scaled images of luggage (Continental would have the biggest image for the 3rd bag under Domestic Baggage Fees, for example, while Frontier would have the smallest for the 1st bag).

I’m not sure what the killer spiders myth has to do specifically with flying–I thought it was more of a land myth. And Under “Best time to travel,” Saturday is highlighted, but then weekends are indicated as being among the worst times to travel. That’s a little confusing.

Overall this is a solid infographic that serves its purpose and could be a great tool for travelers. With a little more data viz it could really shine, so for now I’ll give it a B.

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