Infographic: Top Travel Money Saving Tips and Tricks


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Travel Money Oz sent us this infographic! They also provided a quick description:

Your holiday confirmation email appears, launching your heart into a chorus of joyful emotions. Suddenly, taking carefree walks on the beach and shopping for fantastic bargains enters your imagination. Make the most of your holiday experience with Travel Money Oz’s top money saving tips and tricks.

I like the accompanying illustrations for each section, and the path layout helps guide the viewer’s eye. These are all good tips to make sure your vacation/holiday is as relaxing as possible!

From an infographic perspective, the main issue is that each section is a text block with accompanying illustration. In a strong infographic, the illustrations and icons should be telling the story, with shorter blips of text (1-2 lines at a time) when needed to support the visuals. Illustrated scenes or the addition of characters could help with visually explaining the tips for this infographic.

In all I’d give this a C, since it’s more reading than viewing. Having the visuals speak louder would improve its effectiveness as an infographic!

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