Infographic: Top Ten Reasons Not to Rent a Tuxedo


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This infographic was submitted to us by Fine Tuxedos, who also provided this description:

Have you ever gone to put on your favorite shirt, only to notice an unpleasant stain or tear that you hadn’t previously noticed? Now imagine if that stain or tear was put there by someone who wore the shirt before you. This is the risk taken every time you rent men’s formal wear. Buy a tuxedo for yourself and make an investment into your wardrobe and your confidence, while spending no more than you would renting. Check out the infographic above to see some of the risks you are taking when you rent your tuxedo!

This is a cute list of the potential hazards of renting a tux. After all, if you think about it, it IS kind of like getting a 100th-generation hand-me-down…

Although the premise is funny, there is no real information for the majority of the graphic. At the bottom we get some hard numbers, but I’d really love to see them visualized. How about a bar chart to show the comparative cost of each item, renting vs. buying? Or pictograms, with one tux/vest/shoe representing every $10 of cost? Infographics are a chance to display info without making the viewer read more than necessary, so I’d love to see that implemented here.

Also, a quick note on sourcing: it looks like the sources are shown for the prices of the tuxedos from the company’s store, but there’s no source for the cost of renting. That makes it hard for the viewer to verify that these price quotes are accurate. Including all of your sources is key to maintaining credibility.

Because of these issues, I can’t particularly grade it as an infographic, so I’ll give it a B for humor and unfortunately a D for data, since it isn’t all verifiable.

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