Infographic: Top Reasons to Be a Bookkeeper


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This infographic was submitted to us by the International Association of Book-keepers, who also provided this description:

Bookkeeping is sometimes seen as an old fashioned job but that is not the case!

More and more younger students are looking to become a bookkeeper for its long list of perks and the money that can be earned is very attractive!

This is a good overview for anyone who’s curious what it takes to be a bookkeeper. From it, you can draw a good sense of what sort of preparation is required, who’s suited to it, the advantages of joining or starting a bookkeeping business, and more.

The color palette and design style are engaging — it’s simple and clean enough to follow without getting lost or distracted. I do wish the elements were a bit closer together, though, so that it doesn’t require as much scrolling from the viewer. The infographic could be much shorter if the font sizes and other elements were reduced and the negative space shrunk a bit.

In all I’d give the infographic a B. A bit less text and a bit more efficient use of space would help to streamline the design!

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