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This infographic was submitted to us by Dish Systems.

Far and away the top grossing movie of summer 2013 seems to be Iron Man 3, beating out the #2 contender by nearly $400 million! The first globe visual is an interesting way of splitting a circular bar graph into two separate instances of data viz.

The bar graphs overlaid with movie images is a really effective way of reminding people of the corresponding characters/plots to each movie. The color tint helps ease the viewers eye through the combination of illustration and photography.

I’m curious about the choices for the background photos in the Opening Weekends and Box Office Bombs sections — they don’t immediately seem to correlate to any particular movie or movies in general, but I might be missing a detail there.

I like the inclusion of record-breaking incidents like the highest-grossing months of all time. I wonder if there’s one for the Box Office Bombs section too — it could be fun to see a record there too, if applicable, but maybe none of these were record-breaking bombs.

The infographic appears to be pretty well proofread, which counts for a lot in making the finished product look polished and being a good representation of the brand.

I would like to see an intro and conclusion, though, to give the reader a feel for what we should be looking for and what we should take away from it. The title could maybe use another look as well. The third section is all about movies that didn’t do well at all, but the overall title only speaks to “Top Grossing” movies.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+! It’s very effective at conveying its information without heavy use of text, it’s visually stimulating and it’s fairly succinct. The background photo choices feel a bit odd but they are ambient enough not to raise a fuss, but the title could be a bit more descriptive when considering the final section.

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