Infographic: Top Causes of Car Accidents in Australia


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Motor Accident Legal Service submitted this infographic to us! They also provided a short description:

In this infographic you will learn about the top causes of car accidents in Australia. Sadly, there are over 600,000 road crashes reported in Australia each year. That’s more than one crash every minute!

The design has some good illustrations that help convey the message of each tip. It’s also pretty well organized, so it’s easy to see where each section begins and ends. The biggest issue with the infographic is that it is too heavy on text!

While the illustrations help break up the text a bit, the content is still built into paragraphs. An infographic should be designed to reduce reliance on text by visualizing statistics and information — and when there does need to be text, it should come in small bits rather than big chunks. This cuts down on the likelihood that a viewer will just skip over all the text and miss the point of your infographic.

In all I’d give this infographic a C since it’s still relying primarily on text to convey its information — but this illustrations are on the right track!

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