Infographic: Top Bollywood Celebrities with Their Zodiac Signs and Their Loved Ring


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Candere submitted this infographic to us along with a brief description:

Check out infographic from on most popular Bollywood celebraties with their zodiac sign, date of birth, and loved ring.

The layout places prominence on rings that show off each Bollywood actress’s favorite jewels. I would love to see photos of each actress in addition, though, since the first part of the title talks about these celebrities. It seems equally important to show both them and the rings they love. A little more playfulness with the hierarchy of typography would also help out here — it’s a bit distracting that the categories “Date of Birth,” “Zodiac Sign,” and “Loved Ring” are the same size and weight as the answers for each actress alongside.

Another fun trick would be to use the symbols for each zodiac sign along with the words. Any opportunities to create more “instant-read” visual messages would help out this design.

It could also use a good amount of copy proofing to ensure that the written information is coherent and relevant. There are a lot of typos and confusing phrasings that make it difficult to glean the right information from the zodiac sign descriptions.

In all I’d give this design a D, as it is pretty poorly proofed and features the rings more prominently than it does the Bollywood celebrities mentioned. While an interesting idea, a reworked design and copy would help it shine more brightly.

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