Infographic: Top Auto Accident Causes in Indiana


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The Law Offices of David W. Holub, P.C. submitted this infographic to us!

It features a few sets of stats about car accidents in the state of Indiana, offering an interesting insight into what drivers should be aware of. Using data viz, it’s easy to see that Failure to Yield and Tailgating are equally common factors in Indiana car accidents.

Something I’d like to see at the top of the infographic is a greater separation between the title and the information. Right now, the title “Top Accident Causes” is juxtaposed with an introductory stat on the total number of traffic collisions. That number should be moved down and the title allowed to stand on its own, especially since it’s also not clear whether “Indiana 2011” is meant to be read as part of the title either.

My favorite piece of data visualization is in the final section, where we can clearly see the state’s average collision rate juxtaposed with the holidays’ higher rates.

I wish that the infographic didn’t end abruptly after that, though! It’s best to end with a closing statement or call to action that provides a sense of completion for the viewer.

In all I’d give this infographic a C, because it’s short and sweet but would benefit from a bit less text and a more holistic feel.

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