Infographic: Top 7 Travel Destinations in the World


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VoucherBin submitted this infographic and provided a brief description:

Wanderlusts will agree to the fact that there’s nothing more inspiring and rejuvenating than travelling across the world. And even if you’re not a compulsive travel enthusiast, you will definitely find yourself planning an occasional holiday with friends or family. […] All said and done, planning a trip entails a lot of time and efforts, right from planning your itinerary to picking the right dates and packing the right stuff.

It’s fun to see the photos of these amazing cities, juxtaposed with a few fun facts and tips about budget and timing. The colors are bright and the stacking effect on the photos introduces a playful element.

Unfortunately, this infographic has far too much text. While some icons complement the story (like those for Cuisine, Best Time to Visit, and Budget), the viewer ultimately has to read sentences and even paragraphs to get value out of the piece. It would benefit from much shorter bits of text like those in each Budget section; this would allow more room to enlarge the photographs and maybe add more icons.

There are also quite a few typos throughout, from misspelled words to the descriptive text for Hanoi appearing in the Prague section on accident. Since the copy needs to be read for the viewer to get the story, mistakes like these can be pretty distracting.

In all I’d give this infographic a D; less text and more emphasis on the images, plus a thorough proofreading, would improve the success of the design.

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