Infographic: Top 5 Snowiest Places on Earth


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Heliski submitted this snowy infographic to us! It contains a lot of useful info about 5 very snowy places across the globe, with some captivating photos of each location.

While it would be difficult to visualize all of the data in the design, it’d be great to see some of it represented with comparable data visualizations — perhaps the snowfall levels for each of the locations? Ideally, each location would also feature more constants than just the amount of snowfall each year. For example, elevation is on only a few of the locations, and steepest/longest runs are inconsistent as well. Consistency in what information is given and how it’s presented helps the viewer navigate the infographic more quickly.

There also doesn’t seem to be a qualification to the asterisk in the introductory text. It looks like it would be alluding to some more information about what makes these places the snowiest, which would be interesting and helpful information to the viewer.

In all, the photos and information on this design are quite interesting, but there could be some tweaks to consistency and delivery of the content to make it more impactful. I’d give it a C- overall based on that.

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