Infographic: Top 5 Scholarship Application Mistakes


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This is a really useful tool for anyone looking for ways to fund their college education. It’s cleverly designed so it’s really fun to look at, and it definitely offers some good tips. I like the notes from Mom and the procrastination meter–“NO MONEY FOR YOU!”

There’s a lot of numbers that are important for applicants to know, but unfortunately only 1 data set is visualized–the range in award money. The rest of the data is just written out, or expanded upon in another way. For example, “41 out of 50 states offer scholarships” could’ve been a map of the US with the 9 states that don’t offer scholarships in a contrasting color. And while the procrastination meter is cute, it doesn’t seem to illustrate hard data.

This infographic would benefit from a reduction in text, a slight simplification on design (my eye is looking everywhere–it’s a great concept but a bit too busy) and a bump in data viz. That way busy students could check in quickly to see what they should be doing, rather than taking the time to read. If there are any available stats on how many students say they put off their scholarship apps, or a survey on the average number of scholarships students apply for, that would supplement the data really well.

As an infographic I’d give this a C, but as a useful tool for students, an A!

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