Infographic: Top 10 Ways to Drop 10 Pounds


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This infographic was submitted to us by the weight loss folks at HCG Platinum.

There are some pretty useful tips here for losing weight, targeting not just the two giant categories of “diet” and “exercise,” but getting into some common problems with each and what you can do to remedy those issues. That glass of water trick is definitely handy! I’m also sure many people don’t associate weight lifting with weight loss–but in that case it’s the fat loss that counts. Any weight gained from building muscle, I’m sure, is not a problem for most people.

While these tips for health success are handy and delivered concisely, they don’t make up an infographic. This is more text with illustration than it is actual data viz. The number 5 tip, for example, about drinking ½ to ? gallons of water every day, could have been visualized by showing a gallon jug that’s ? full. The rest of these tips, though, don’t contain data (in terms of numbers) that works well for infographics. If there were some statistics about weight loss in here, it would be easier to make this a true infographic.

Another problem is that the number 1 tip for losing weight is a product, which is displayed enormously and much more attractively than any of the other tips. While many infographics are designed to promote products, they don’t all sound quite as salesy, displaying their product as the largest and most important factor in the infographic. That risks discounting the information displayed within the infographic–people will just see it as a marketing ploy. The marketing aspect needs to be toned down (no pun intended) in favor of a stronger presence of data.

Overall I’d have to give this infographic a D: there’s no data viz and the promotional aspect is far too prominent.

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