Infographic: Top 10 U.S. Universities


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This infographic about the top 10 U.S. universities comes to us from the people at Best Essays.

I like the straightforward layout of this infographic; it is easy to get the information and compare the universities.

Overall I give this an A-. I like the map at the beginning that shows the locations of the top 10 universities. The tuition and fees comparison chart that comes next is also nice because the reader can instantly see how all the universities compare in cost. One suggestion I have to improve the comparison chart is to arrange the bars from highest to lowest so it is easy to see how the universities rank without looking back and forth so much.

I like how the next section of this infographic is set up. Each university has the same statistics and data so that readers can compare easily. There is some pretty good data visualization here. For example, showing the ratio of male to female students with colors corresponding to the little stick figures is a nice touch. The charts comparing popular majors also add some good data visualization to this. One suggestion I have is to replace some of the text about when the universities were founded and how many undergraduates there are with graphics. It would be easy to just put a picture of a university being built with the year next to it and a picture of some students with the number of undergrads next to it.

This is a straightforward and informative infographic with pretty good data visualization. It is easy for readers to get the information that they are looking for without reading through tons of text. It could use a few small changes and some additional graphics but other than that it is nicely put together.

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