Infographic: Timeline of The Downfall of Netflix


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This infographic was submitted to us by Meoble, who, like the rest of you all, have been very patient with us over the last several weeks of holiday insanity!

(To begin, I’d like to thank everyone who reads and submits for entrusting your valuable time to us. We’re working to get up to speed. We publish and review infographics that we feel benefit the creators and the readers in terms of feedback, and while not everything makes it onto the site, a nudge may help!)

This particular infographic focuses on the recent uproar over Netflix, and its subsequent decline. It really benefits from the inclusion of stock price graphs–what better way to track a company’s progress or regression? It’s stunning how much share prices have plummeted in the last half of 2011. Will they recover? It remains to be seen.

The color palette here is appropriate, as it correlates to Netflix’s own red, white, black and gray scheme. However, the infographic gets a bit gray-heavy, to the point of being distracting. Gray text on varying shades of gray boxes is a lot of gray to look at–my eye jumps to the spots of black and white, which aren’t necessarily the most important pieces of text or illustration. It would help if more red or other techniques for contrast were incorporated in the lower portion of the IG.

There are also spots where the inclusion of text wasn’t necessary. Whenever possible, text should be minimized or removed from infographics. The data viz and illustration should tell the story.

For example, the box about losing 800,000 customers doesn’t need the accompanying sentence–except that the sentence says 805,000 and the illustration says 800,000. The less text there is, the more easily and quickly the viewer can process the information.

The portion about stocks plummeting 27% after customer loss also stands perfectly well on its own, without accompanying text. If the text is just repeating what the data viz already says, it can be excluded, to the benefit of the infographic.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B. When the text is cut down and the colors livened up, it’ll be a great source of fast info about the fall of Netflix.

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