Infographic: Threat Morphosis


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This infographic was submitted by the folks at Trend Micro. Here’s part of the description they provided:

From the PC boom in the 80’s to the rise of the Internet and connectivity in the 90’s to 2000’s, Trend Micro has been closely monitoring technological advancements in information exchange, and along with it, how malware and online threats grew and developed from their roots as pesky computer viruses to the notorious information stealing programs they are today.”

I love the design of this infographic. The way it evolves over time and the typography seems to just get bigger as the facts get more current… it’s pretty cool. There’s a ton of information on here, and I learned a lot. That said, I’d give this infographic a C-.

This IG relies heavily on text, typography, and illustration, rather than data viz. If we employ a common infographic test, “what would this look like without the text?”, we find that… it would mostly look like a siren, a worm, a single graph, and some computers. What would that tell us? Well, nothing. The pie chart showing 92% of digital threats received via the internet is the only data viz on the entire infographic. That’s too bad, because this really is a cool design that shares a lot of knowledge.

As it is currently, this is more of a timeline than an infographic. While the timeline is interesting, it takes up the bulk of the space here. To improve this graphic, It needs more numbers, and the numbers that are there need creative charts, graphs, and other forms of data viz to emphasize the data. Infographics are supposed to tell a story, but more specifically they’re supposed to show a story.

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