Infographic: Things You Didn’t Know People Do In Las Vegas


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This sinful infographic was brought to us by Slots of Vegas.

Beginning with a cute night skyline, this infographic looks promising. There’s a nice use of iconography throughout, hearkening to the slot machines so often cited in the statistics here. The designer makes great use of color, making each section distinct and visually intriguing. And who doesn’t love the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign?

That said, there are several things that could be improved here. The red ribbon headings could be more effective if the data were properly organized to fit in each section, instead of overlapping between them. “Guess what..?” includes statistics about places people visited, which reiterates “Where can I go?” Some of the iconography really isn’t working. For example, at first I read the title as “What Do in…,” completely skipping over the blue icon. Then I thought the icon was a strange 2: “What 2 Do in…” Once I spotted the identical purple icon in “Quick facts,” I realized it was supposed to be a person, and the title reads “What People Do in…” That took pretty long. Plus, using the British pound currency symbol to indicate weight of shrimp consumption doesn’t translate, especially not under a heading “Where can I go?”

In addition to typos and organizational issues, some prime visualization opportunities are passed up or deferred to classic/repetitive tactics. In “Quick facts,” what is that wedding trophy doing amidst a (nicely re-imagined, I might add) circle chart of percentages? In “How to Move in Las Vegas” I would have loved to see the taxi portrayed as larger than the bus, to show that there are far more taxis than buses in Vegas.

With cute smiling people all over this infographic, nice Vegas-like abundance of color, and a wealth of relevant data, this infographic is better than some. However, consistency, technical problems, and organization are holding it back. Overall, I’d give this infographic a C. More editing and cleaner organization/visualization will take this further.

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