Infographic: Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPad


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This infographic comes to us from the folks at ColcaSac.

Since this infographic is about the iPad, I like how the data is presented as if it is on an iPad screen. Using actual symbols that appear on the iPad and real app logos give it a cohesive theme. I also really like the little iPad shaded to make a pie chart about halfway down!

Overall I give this a C. The reason that this infographic gets a C is that it relies a bit too heavily on text to make sense of all the images. For example, the Apple logo doesn’t tell us anything on its own without the text next to it informing us that there are 65,000 iPad apps, and the picture of a smiling iPad doesn’t show us that one fourth of digital books are being sold via the iBooks iPad app. At the very top of the infographic the “Myths about the iPad” are represented almost solely by text, although the symbols next to them do add nicely to the visual theme of it all. This could be improved easily by placing a little red “x” on top of the symbols to show that the myths are that the iPad does not do these things. Overall there needs to be better data visualization for this to achieve a higher grade.

The data about iPad apps is presented nicely, as I mentioned earlier the app logos contribute well to the theme and do not require heavy text for an explanation. There is a typo in the title “10 Apps Every iPad Owner Must Have” and this section could also be moved to the bottom so it would be underneath the data about apps. Speaking of bottom, the infographic is a little large and requires viewers to scroll down a lot, it could be shrunk down by not very much to become more readable. This is nice visually and thematically but could just use some work when it comes to the data visualization.


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