Infographic: Things to Do in St. Augustine, Florida


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This infographic was submitted by Vacation Rental Pros.

This is full of bright, fun colors and is a great guide for folks visiting the St. Augustine area on vacation. I love the fish at the top and bottom, and the scroll style seems to be fitting for all the historical landmarks in the area.

As an infographic, though, this doesn’t really succeed. It is entirely based on text, leaving nothing up to data visualization. And since the information displayed here is really more pamphlet or guidebook style rather than facts and statistics, there wasn’t much room to make this into a true infographic. Infographics should tell a story, but visually–if there is more text than imagery, or if the text is telling information that could be represented by a graph or chart, then the infographic needs some help.

There are also some problems with syntax consistency here. The designer didn’t decide whether a sentence should start after each place name, or whether the place name should serve as the beginning to the descriptive sentence. It would be easy to play around with this by leaving the typography the way it is but removing the hyphen. That way, the copy could read something like, “The historical Fountain of Youth park offers guests…”

This would still be a handy thing to have around if you were to go on vacation to this city, though. If you were trying to ask for directions to one of the sites and couldn’t remember the name, you might pull up this infographic on your phone and suddenly have the name at hand! However, to grade it as an infographic, I’d have to give it a D-.

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