Infographic: There Grows My Baby – Milestone Guide

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The FamilyCord Baby Milestones Guide – Brought To You By FamilyCord

This infographic was submitted to us by Beckon Media, in partnership with FamilyCord. They provided this brief description:

The concept of this infographic is based around your baby’s first 24 months of life, and all the amazing accomplishments your baby will make.

This is a cute guide for new or expectant parents who might be wondering when their baby might accomplish major developmental milestones. Of course, any guide for human development should be taken with a grain of salt — no panicking if your baby takes until 9.5 months to eat with her fingers! — but it makes a nice tool to plan for when to be there with the camera.

If this infographic was developed alongside a few case studies, it would have even more impact. It would also be able to cross the border between graphic and infographic, as there’s currently no data here. If such information were available, it would be wonderful to see statistics like, “In a case study, xx% of babies began teething at 4 months” or, “On average, x out of 5 babies are imitating others’ actions by 12 months.” That would also take a little bit of the guesswork away for the parents: instead of saying that definitively, between 10-12 months, their baby should be doing these things, they could see that a certain percentage of babies aren’t on that schedule. That would offer a bit of reassurance if their own child doesn’t adhere to each of the milestones.

The illustrations are adorable and the tree motif works fairly well, but without data we can’t properly call this an infographic. It’s a great chart, guide, and tool, though. So in all I would give it a D as an infographic but a B as a tool.

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