Infographic: The World’s Most Expensive Celebrity Couple


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This interactive infographic (click “Clinic Compare” above to view!) was submitted to us by Clinic Compare, who also provided a brief summary of the highlights:

– Rihanna having her diamond pins insured for $1 million for a razor campaign.
– Everyone’s favourite southern belle Dolly Parton insuring her boobs for $600,000.
– Welsh demi-god Tom Jones having his slowly greying rug insured for $7 miliion.
– Part-time pirate Keith Richards insuring his middle finger for $1.6 million.

This is a fun piece to interact with, and you learn a lot about all the strange things people will insure! The illustrations are pretty funny, so it encourages you to click through all of them to learn more.

I would like to see a cumulative graph ranking the insurance policies — which was the largest sum? Each individual policy could also use pictograms (dollar bills each representing $10,000 or whatever denomination makes the most sense) to give each pop-up a data visualization element, breaking up the text a bit more.

It also seems like the Gene Simmons popup is for the whole male face, rather than just the tongue — while other celebs get a specific click for just the nose or just the eyes. A quick fix that could polish this up a bit!

In all I’d give this a B -. It’s fun, but it does still rely entirely on text to get the details!

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