Infographic: The Winter Olympics: A Look Back


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This infographic was submitted to us by KNCTR.

This is an interesting collection of info on the Winter Olympic Games! It’s interesting to see who has competed and won at every Winter Olympics, and for a piece that is promoting a service, the infographic does a great job of staving off that mention until the very end. It’s important to hook the reader with objective information they really want to know about before telling them about your product or service.

The infographic does a good job of making the imagery relevant to the subject matter (snowy hills, flags of the mentioned countries, medals when discussing who’s won). While I typically encourage data visualization, most of the numbers here don’t seem to lend themselves to traditional data viz (unless you wanted to make 94 icons for the number of nations competing, or 25 icons — each representing 100 people — to show the 2500 participants).

The Olympic Torch at the top of the design is great, but it’s actually the most interesting design element in the whole infographic (especially after the medals section, when everything becomes just blue and white). Be sure to keep your infographic visually engaging throughout so people don’t lose interest!

In all I’d give this a B. Does a fine job of conveying its information, but visually is a bit boring at times.

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