Infographic: The Underestimated Power of the Sofa


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This infographic was submitted to us by Nabru.

This is a fun infographic with fast, weird facts about sofas! It uses a lot of iconography, sketches, and photos to convey its information, plus humorous commentary.

The mix of sketches and photos works well enough here, since the photos are cordoned off with thick outlines — but in general, it’s best to pick either photos or illustration for your infographic design.

Anywhere comparisons can be made, they can help the viewer understand the impact of data a bit more. For example, the world’s longest sofa was 890.25 meters — how long is the average sofa? This could be a creative bar graph comparing the two metrics OR saying how many average sofas it would take to match the length of this longest sofa. Same for the most expensive sofa — what’s a ballpark average cost for a typical sofa, compared to the massive cost of the world’s most expensive one? The exception: I don’t think there’d be an average comparison for time balancing sofa on chin. That average is probably less than zero since (I hope!) most people don’t attempt that!

The stats in the final section are pretty interesting! It’d be nice to see them perhaps arranged in order from most occurrences to least occurrences to get an even more immediate sense of what’s most commonplace on sofas (spills, it looks like).

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It’s engaging and funny, but there are a few missed opportunities for greater impact or more unified design that would help make it even better!

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