Infographic: The Ultimate World Cup 2014 Drinking Game


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This infographic was submitted to us by Just the Flight. They also provided a short description to accompany it:

One month of non-stop football can only mean one thing… One month of non-stop drinking! Here’s to making this unforgettable World Cup forgettable with this handy infographic!

This looks like a really fun game for World Cup viewers. (From the looks of the cards, they may not remember much of the match the next day, though!) Seems you’d have to have a referee for each section (Basic Rules, Special Rules, Player Rules, Team Rules, Commentary) as it’s a lot to keep track of with just one person to make the calls. (The England card is almost enough to almost make you wish that England DOESN’T win!)

It’s a fun graphic, and there are a few helpful elements that make it an infographic: the illustrations of the players and the icons of the drinking glasses. The player illustrations are great reference for a familiar football/soccer fan, and the icons of glasses in the corner of each card let you know how much to drink without checking the key each time or reading instructions.

In all I’d give this a B as it’s pretty light on text and it’s a whole lot of fun!

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