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Mediahawk sent us this infographic along with a description:

Mediahawk’s latest infographic shows the key telephone statistics within the automotive sector based on millions of phone calls.

Do you want to know:

· Average number of calls that don’t reach the sales team?

· What devices people use to ring a dealer?

· How long customers wait before giving up?

Find out this and more in the ultimate automotive infographic. Mediahawk has over 12 years’ experience helping car manufacturers and retailers manage their telephone response, with a wealth of call tracking data at its fingertips.

The infographic contains a lot of useful industry information about car dealerships and car buyers. While the design is clean, it would be beneficial to refresh the design a bit to get the most out of that data.

For example, there isn’t a title or introduction on the infographic; it just launches into the first section. On the page where it lives, the viewer has the benefit of intro text above the design, but once it’s shared (like on this page) there isn’t any context to help set the stage for the info.

Next, the design doesn’t really reference cars or car dealers either — each section has icons for clocks, phones, calendars, and more but nothing visual about cars until the very last section. A strong infographic should give a visual impression of the topic, strong enough that viewers know the subject of the design before they ever read a word on it.

There also isn’t a conclusion for the design. It’s always a good idea to end on a call-to-action or summary of what’s been discussed, to wrap things up and give a sense of completion.

In all I’d give this design a D, since while it has some interesting information, the topic and stats themselves can’t really be surmised from any of the visuals — the design is still dependent on the text to do all of the storytelling work.

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