Infographic: The UK’s Attitude to DIY


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This infographic was submitted to us by Topps Tiles.

I love the aesthetic of this IG! The sort of plaid, patchworky feel (especially of the text) is pretty unique and drew my attention in quickly. And really, if the overall design of an infographic isn’t eyecatching or unique, it’s going to be tough for a viewer to move through and absorb all the information. So right off the bat, great job there.

The way the data is visualized is working really well here, as a combination of iconography and charts. It’s very clear from looking what the top category of each chart is. It also does a very good job of keeping text incredibly minimal–the introduction is one sentence that only takes up 2 1/3 lines but sums up the data pretty well. (Although, if you’re going to get “texty” in any area of your infographic, it’s not uncommon to have a few sentences making up an intro paragraph to both explain the topic and build intrigue.)

I think maximizing data viz potential is important, so my only real critique is that a visual representation of the value adds of the top 5 home improvements would have been nice. (And perhaps it would be interesting if there were data on how much the average UK household spends on DIY home improvement each year?) Otherwise, it’s a solid piece that maximizes its use of space and covers its topic without overdoing it.

In all I would give this infographic an A! Short and sweet isn’t a bad thing in the world of infographics.

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