Infographic: The Truth About Men and Cosmetic Surgery


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Paul Rooney Solicitors submitted this infographic to us! They also provided a quick description:

With increased numbers, it stands to reason that the number of procedures going wrong would increase. However there may be a stigma for men around speaking out if they’ve suffered a cosmetic surgery injury.

Take a look at our Cosmetic Surgery infographic to see just how much the industry has grown in the last few years.

This design is full of stats about plastic surgery for men in Great Britain. The “Operation”-style anatomy drawing is a familiar way to display all the body parts out.

Regarding layout, it’s a bit counterintuitive to have the first section of the infographic to the right of the header instead of below it. For that reason I thought at first that the infographic’s first section was the number of breast reduction surgeries. Be sure to use logical layout devices — perhaps using arrows or a line of stitches moving from section to section would help guide the viewer through a less familiar layout.

It also looks like the 146% increase in breast reductions stat is repeated in the infographic — make sure to check on that before going live! I thought perhaps it was an intentional repeat and that the eyelid and rhinoplasty surgery numbers would be repeated too, but it doesn’t look that way.

In all I’d give this design a C. There are some good stats but the organization and layout are pretty distracting; it looks like a bit too much information in one space.

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