Infographic: The Truth About Bullying


The Truth About Bullying

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There are some valuable statistics about this troublesome topic here. The designer makes good use of school tropes (pencils, notebooks, binder clips etc.) and the sections are clearly distinguished by subheadings and visual cues. The design is engaging and the text has been kept to a minimum, which helps with the flow.

There are capitalization issues throughout. Most infographics have a typo or two, but in just the first section, Kids, Bullying, Child and Bullied are all erroneously capitalized. I’m also a bit confused/uncertain about the “The Effect” section–the illustration is very, well, provocative, but then the statistics don’t necessarily seem to be supporting the point. Just because 14% of high school students have considered suicide doesn’t mean it was due to bullying–and the “Bullycide!” callout feels a little trivializing.

The most important critique is that this infographic does not contain any data visualization. There are a lot of numbers, but no emphasis or impact, because they’re just numerals on a graphic. For example, if the designer wanted to play up “The Effect” even more, they could use a building as data viz to show 4,400 deaths as a modified bar graph, and two buildings nearby to compare the 14% of kids who’ve considered suicide vs. the 7% who’ve attempted (that’s half of kids who’ve considered it–it would really make a powerful visual).

In all I’d give this infographic a B-. A lot of attention was given to illustration, which is great, but we need proofreading and data viz to really drive it home.

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