Infographic: The True Cost of Car Repairs


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This infographic was submitted to us by GO Car Warranty, who also provided this description:

Although car manufacturers keep increasing the period of standard factory warranty, people are still going to be using their cars long after the original warranty has expired. In some cases the car owners take out an extended warranty that works as an additional safety net and helps reducing the cost of parts and labor. According to data from the last 3 years gathered by, 57% of used car owners don’t have an extended warranty. When something goes wrong with a car, the repairs are likely to cost more than expected because the parts prices are constantly going up. For example, replacing a turbo booster is going to cost $800. Something that often goes wrong in the cars is the air conditioner. Although the aircon isn’t essential for getting the car to move, when it dies, you have to fix it and it’s very expensive to do so – $556. Even a small part like a faulty wiper motor can cost 350 to repair because it’s so difficult to get to.

This is a good tool for UK folks looking to see if their car repair costs are on target or what to expect. It’s pretty “short and sweet” as it does a great job of keeping text to a minimum. It could be cool to see this information visualized, though — at a glance, a car owner could see what the most and least expensive parts to replace are, as well as a breakdown by parts and labor.

I’d give this an A as a tool for UK car owners, but a B- as an infographic since none of the data was visualized. It’s great to have the icons nearby so less familiar drivers might know what the parts look like, but a numerical comparison would add another dimension to this infographic.

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