Infographic: The True Cost of a Mis-Shipment


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This infographic was submitted to us by Fulfillment Companies.

The aesthetic theme definitely works here, since the topic is shipping and the pattern is paper/cardboard. The “FRAGILE” stamp also helps tie that theme together, and the running costs down the righthand side help viewers understand just how much a mis-shipment costs.

What this graphic needs, though, is more graphic elements. Ultimately, the viewer is relying on the text explanations to grasp the concept, when illustrations or icons could be employed to remove some of that burden from the text itself. Infographics should explain with visuals wherever possible so that viewers can look at and process information quickly and easily.

For example, Customer Dissatisfaction could be illustrated with an angry customer handing back a package (returning the product), a person walking away (not purchasing again), and an angry person talking to another person (spreading the bad reputation within their sphere of influence) — with these illustrations, the text could be cut significantly (to brief statements rather than full sentences in paragraph form) and the point would come across more efficiently.

In all I’d give this infographic a C-, as it relies too heavily on text to tell its story. Focus on the visuals to turn readers into viewers, thus keeping them engaged.

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