Infographic: The Top Beers in Asia


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This infographic was submitted to us by Travel Indochina: Share the Experience.

This is a great example of innovative design and unique data visualization. It took me awhile to notice, but each beer bottle for each country is filled proportionally according to how much beer is consumed per capita. Granted, it’d be easier to notice this without the beer labels–but the label plays an important role in identifying popular local beers. Perhaps if the beer cap bore the logo of the local beers, the level of beer would be more visible, and the liter measurement could simply be written in the beer.

There’s not a wide variety of data here, but because there are so many countries covered I think consistency is a good tactic. I’m curious about the rationale for the ordering of the countries (and especially the recap at the bottom). Instead of progressing from most to least or least to most, it jumps around, making it difficult to get the best visual comparison. I think seeing the progression from .002 liters all the way up to 45 would be more compelling.

I’d also like to see maybe just a bit more visual interest within each section, and a slight reduction in text. I like the information presented, but 6+ lines of text can look very heavy in an infographic; a sentence or two appears to be a long paragraph because of spacing. The IG is also incredibly long at nearly 11,000 pixels — cutting down on text would cut down the space needed to convey the info, as would scaling down the country names, size of beer bottles etc.

That said, these are picky notes. Overall I return back to the clean, unique design and data viz to give this infographic an A-. It tells its story quite clearly; all it could really use is a bit less text and some further consideration to organization.

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