Infographic: The Top 100 U.S. Residential Remodeling Markets of 2012


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This infographic was submitted to us by Palatin Remodeling, Inc., who provided this description:

With the housing industry in such a shaky state, more and more people are turning to remodeling their existing homes, as opposed to buying a brand new one. According to the Residential Remodeling Index (RRI) the majority of cities who are doing the best in the remodeling sector are East of Texas. This infographic was designed by Palatin Remodeling Inc, a San Diego bathroom remodeling contractor.

This is a heat map depicting the top remodeling markets in the country. The color coding by density of Top 100 cities is helpful, but ultimately it is a map, not an infographic. I also find the color palette to be a little off-putting–the aqua/blue is awfully bright to dominate such a large part of the graphic.

If the designer added in some more visualizable data–what percent of homes in the top 10 markets have been/are being remodeled, the average cost of a remodel vs. the average cost of a new home, etc.–this could cross the threshold from map to true infographic. An introductory paragraph would also be nice, to explain a little more about what the map represents. The same descriptive text/blog post accompanying a graphic may not be reposted each time, so if an introduction exists right there on the graphic, all viewers will have context to the content they’re seeing.

As an infographic I’d have to give this a C-, since it’s pretty lacking in telling a complete story and including instances of data viz. I’d rate it higher as a map, however, since it does show some interesting concentrations of areas that are most prone and least prone to remodels.

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