Infographic: The Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of All Time


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This was submitted to us by Meoble.

This is an example of something that by definition really is not an infographic. There are graphics, yes, and there is also info, but because the info isn’t visualized, this is what we call a viral visualization. It’s an interesting topic, so there’s potential for the IG to go viral, but the numbers are simply written out. Without data viz, it’s not an infographic.

If this was turned into one creative, color-coded bar chart (say, the skin print of the Na’vi for Avatar downloads/grosses, the bat symbol for The Dark Knight, etc.) it would qualify as an infographic–well, a very short one, anyway. Right now there isn’t even a difference in text size–The Incredible Hulk and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End both got 14 million downloads, but the number for Hulk looks much more significant because of the font size.

Again, though, this is definitely a topic that people are interested in, so it contains valuable information and may still be passed around as a viral visualization. As an infographic, I’d have to give it a failing grade.

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