Infographic: The Strangest Sports Across The Globe


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Hart Sport sent us this infographic, along with a brief description:

There are some pretty crazy sports across the globe, from Shin Kicking and Quidditch to Underwater Upside-Down Hockey. Some require immense skill, others require a great pain tolerance. Obviously these sports aren’t for everyone, if a more traditional sport is for you, check out HART Sports today.

The graphic talks about some very interesting and unusual sports, clarifying a bit about how they’re played and what sports they draw influence from. The photos are really helpful in setting the stage for us to imagine the sports, too. It’s definitely an interesting read — but unfortunately, it’s a read more than it is an infographic. One way to remedy this might be to make diagrams of how a play goes in each sport, or include drawings of several possible scenes/moves from each sport, using short labels of just a few words rather than an explanatory paragraph.

The information on the graphic is great and the photos do help make it compelling, but it’s not quite an infographic in that you need the text in order to understand most of the information. Because of that, I’d give it a D in terms of being an infographic (but an A for an interesting idea).

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