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This infographic comes to us from the people behind Canada’s Social Election Experiment. Here is what they had to say about their infographic upon submitting it to us:

The infographic is the summary of key findings from The Social Election Experiment focused on evaluating a Facebook Likes to real world vote, for the Canadian 2011 federal election. We confirmed that the electoral process can be influenced by social media and most importantly, we can attribute a true value to a Facebook LIke (which is considered a marketer’s holy grail). It also appears to be a pioneering effort in terms of the first thumb-official digital straw poll.

Overall, this infographic is pretty good. I give it a B+. The design cohesive, definitely goes with the social media theme and has a very “Facebook-y” feel. All of the icons go together, and I like the map of Canada as the main graph (there is a typo, however, under the “28.5 million”). I would say that the pie charts need a little work. Though they look good in terms of the colors and clarity, but they could be a lot more interesting. An easy way to fix this could be to add a stroke or outline, or giving layers to the pie graph (each “slice” could be a different layer.) Also, it seems that the bar graph at the bottom is uneven or slanted at the bottom.

The text call-outs at the bottom are in a font that doesn’t really go with the rest of the infographic – I would use the same font that was used throughout to keep things cohesive. Also, the percentage call-outs are a bit redundant since they are visualized earlier in the IG.

Overall, this infographic just needs a few tweaks to go from good to great. Nice job!

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