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This infographic was submitted to us by Mimecast, who provided this description:

The research surveys 500 IT decision-makers in the UK, US and South Africa. IT decision-makers have an overview of the content of company inboxes that a typical employee does not have. This empowers them with a broad understanding of what the shape of email is and enables them to evaluate email best practice. Check out the Infographic and key findings from the data in the Shape of Email Report, which include some interesting disparities.

This short and sweet design is fairly effective at getting its point across without dragging on. The key takeaways are that 21% of emails on work accounts aren’t even work related, and even fewer than that are mission-critical. We also take up a lot of our inbox with internal emails. I’m a little confused about where the final stat in the “inbox” imagery fits in. So 64% of people believe social poses a security risk.. what does that have to do with work emails? Social poses an email security risk? Perhaps some rephrasing or a few more words could clear this up. Also, the positioning of those bottom three stats is odd — why is archiving thrown in between two stats about social media?

This could get even better if the two biggest stats (and the inbox ones below) were actually visualized. If people could really see that the vast majority of their emails are internal, it would get the message across even better.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B: it’s concise and clear on the top stats, but the bottom 5 stats could use just a bit of work to clarify and visualize better.

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