Infographic: The Sexual Health of Londoners


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CNWL sent us this infographic, which discusses the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases in London compared with England as a whole. The design uses a mix of iconography and data visualization to supplement the statistics.

The infographic is full of hard-hitting statistics, but I think that one way it could improve is to add a brief conclusion on what’s to be done (or what the main takeaway is). Now that we’ve learned about the comparatively poor sexual health of Londoners, what should our final thought or action be?

I love the color and idea of the “London” part of the header, but it is a little disorienting when that color isn’t referenced anywhere else in the design. Using a palette with intentional color choices helps create a unified aesthetic, eliminating distracting surprises on the design. Additionally, white backgrounds aren’t usually the best choice since they often blend into the background of whatever page they are posted on (such as this one), eliminating a definitive border.

In all I’d give this infographic a B- because it does a great job of telling its story, but could use something to tie it all up at the end. Additionally, a bit more fun could have been had with the design and palette to make the visualizations a bit more engaging.

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