Infographic: The Science of Vacuum Oven Drying


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This infographic was submitted to us by Cascade TEK

The allocation of space in this infographic is really good — it allows each section some room to breathe without looking either empty or overcrowded. The elevation vs. boiling point graph is a great way to help people understand the (sometimes large) differences in boiling temperature relative to elevation.

I like the combination of text and icons in the “Products That Require Vacuum Drying” section — I’d like to see the same thing implemented in “Purposes for Vacuum Drying” too so people can see some of the reactions/processes being called out.

Aside from that, the infographic is well organized, succinct, and easy to navigate. The color palette and fonts remain consistent so it’s easy to focus on the information rather than any inconsistencies or surprising elements in the design. This is a good example of a mid-level infographic that isn’t aiming to be especially showy, but also doesn’t look amateur — a solid effort.

Considering that, I’d give this an A- for just a few inconsistencies in capitalization (for example, in “Purposes for Vacuum Drying” one header is “Removal of moisture” in sentence casing but another is “Prevent Reactions” in title casing) as well as whether the header interacts with the text below it — it can be a little distracting when some do and some don’t. For example, “Removal of moisture” is separate from the text below it, while the “Offgassing” header does double duty as the first word to the longer description.

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