Infographic: The Safe Road to Hazardous Waste Disposal


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Read more about hazardous disposal on the WasteXpress blog.

This infographic is well organized into distinct sections and provides a thorough overview of hazardous materials, from types of waste to transportation, labeling practices, and disposal.

In the beginning, it seems that the infographic will remain relatively text-light. Unfortunately, the “Manifests, Labels and Waste Profiles Explained” section becomes a large text block that the eye wants to skip over. The subsequent section, “How is Hazardous Waste Disposed?” also relies entirely on text. That section could definitely benefit from icons, such as those seen in “What is Hazardous Waste?” to break up the monotony of text.

Since there’s only one section of data viz, it should be fairly compelling, but the familiar simple pie charts and bar graphs are also easy to skim. Something on par with the theme of the infographic could be exciting – maybe the pie charts are hazardous waste bin lids, or the bar graphs are pictograms using hazardous waste symbols in quantities symboling the tons of waste. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your data!

It would also be great to see a conclusion, a call to action (encouraging proper hazardous waste disposal) or some other method of tying up the infographic.

In all I’d give this infographic a C. It certainly does its job, but could use a bit more consistent excitement with icons and illustration, and a little less text.

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