Infographic: The Royal Flush of Alloy Wheels


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Autopart UK submitted this infographic to us.

This topic makes photos a good choice, so that viewers can see the real wheels they’re learning about. It would be beneficial to use a higher-quality photo for the header image, though. The poker theme is cute, but I’d like to see it carried into the copy beyond just the title so it feels more purposeful.

The main issues with this graphic are that the information is conveyed solely by text and that the text is pretty full of typos. I’d recommend breaking each feature of the wheel into its own bullet point rather than a list separated by commas, so that each one has its own impact. Some kind of scale for the wheel sizes would be helpful as well. Additionally there are numerous errors of extra spaces, lack of spaces, and erroneous capitalization and punctuation that make the text pretty hard to get through.

In all I’d give this infographic a D, since the paragraph-style lists and typos detract from the theme and features of the wheels. Try breaking up the text more, adding more visual cues, and making sure an editor reviews the content before publishing.

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