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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Talbott Recovery who said:

The following infographic highlights The Road to Recovery through statistics that help tell the story of addiction that many Americans know all too well. Our goal is to raise awareness and to highlight the benefits of drug and alcohol recovery.

The design of this is nice – the seasons blend in well together and I like the overall flow. That said, I have to give this infographic a D overall, as almost none of the graphics I see on this have anything to do with the topic. There is very little data visualization and there is a lot of empty space that readers have to scroll through unnecessarily.

Most of the information is presented with text and the graphics that are there have little or nothing to do with the data. Sometimes it makes sense, for example I like where beer bottles and marijuana leaves are used to represent statistics about alcohol and marijuana. However, there are other parts where there are graphics that don’t really make any sense, like birds, ducks, squirrels, and butterflies to represent alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and heroine. A good infographic should have images that tell something about the statistics that they are being used to represent, and although these images go with the visual theme of nature going on in this infographic, they simply don’t add to the data visualization.

This infographic is just too large and doesn’t present the information in a way that grabs my attention or makes me interested in the information. If the graphics were changed and text was less relied on to make sense of statistics then this could get a higher grade than a D, but as is it needs a lot of work. A great design can get you far, but data viz is really what makes an infographic.

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