Infographic: The Rise of Small House Plans


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I love the creative graph that opens this infographic. It’s a great way of taking a classic bar graph and turning it into something that plays into the topic of the whole infographic. Data visualization is used at essentially every opportunity in this infographic, which we love to see!

The accuracy of the visualization is a little funky, however — in “What’s Fueling the Decline in House Size?” in the “Growth of Single-Person Households” section, 14% is shown as being about 1/3 the length of 28%, instead of 1/2. A similar problem happens with 8%.

I really like the home layout element, showing the anticipated rooms to be included in homes in 2015. The color coding of likelihood that each room would be present is really interesting and effective, and I appreciated the inclusion of the information about changing living rooms and growing family rooms.

In all I like the color palette and organization of the infographic as well, and like that it stays pretty concise while offering up a lot of information. If anything, maybe the typography could be played with a little bit more for increased visual interest. Overall I’d give this infographic a B+. It’s clear and concise, but the point of data viz is to accurately represent the numerical values visually — if the numbers are misrepresented, it’s not any better than leaving them unvisualized.

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