Infographic: The Return of New Home Builders & the Changing American Home


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This infographic was submitted to us by H. Hudson Homes, who also provided a short description:

The construction industry has experienced a lot of turmoil in the last few years. Recently, however, the housing market has stabilized, bringing growth for construction companies and a demand for new modern homes. Buyers are increasingly attracted to modern home design for its clean lines and functional, open floor plans. For an overview of how the construction industry has changed and where trends for new homes are heading take a look at this Infographic by new home builders H. Hudson Homes.

This infographic utilizes a clean color palette and layout that makes the design easy to navigate. Throughout the infographic text is kept to a minimum, letting data visualization speak for itself when applicable. Visualization could be even greater utilized in the final two sections: each pin calling out percentages could be shaded like a pie chart to illustrate the numbers rather than just writing them out.

The section “Homes Have More Amenities and Safety Features” is a great one, but it feels pretty large compared to the other sections. The font and graph size could be scaled down a bit so that the viewer can comfortably see the whole section at once. (It’s also interesting to note that fewer homes have carbon monoxide detectors now than they used to, and that that’s the only feature that has decreased since the ’60s.)

In all I’d give this infographic a B+. It’s clean and well-proofed (except for “Porch, Deck Balcony or Patio,” which I assume needs at least one more comma if “Deck” and “Balcony” are separate features), as well as simple to process.

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