Infographic: The Relationship Between Binge Drinking and Depression


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DARA Rehab submitted this infographic along with a brief description:

We recently created an infographic “The Relationship Between Binge Drinking and Depression.” As the title describes, we go through the different types of depression and the negative effects of alcohol in the mix. We offer informative statistics as well as share insight in terms how to deal with depression and how to seek help.

The infographic starts off with a strong visual cue that excessive drinking is the subject of the design. Setting the stage upfront like that is a good characteristic in a strong infographic. Unfortunately this is preceded by the company’s logo and name, which isn’t recommended; viewers will often lose interest in an infographic if it is heavily or immediately branded, so a better choice is to leave the logo until the end. It is great that the copy in the infographic doesn’t evangelize the company until the very end, though!

Throughout, helpful icons help to convey the story and provide more meaning to many of the bullets. One place where this could be done a bit better is “Symptoms of Depression,” where there’s a pretty long list. As an alternate to including icons for every piece of text, maybe these symptoms could just be organized into sub-categories (social life, recreation, restlessness) to break up the list and make it a little easier to get through.

In all I’d give this design a C+; it makes pretty good use of visuals but could work on breaking up/reducing text a bit in some areas to reduce bulkiness, and should limit brand mention to the very end to encourage viewers to view the full design.

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