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This infographic was submitted to us by Slavens & Associates Real Estate Inc. They provided this description:

If you live in the heart of Toronto, you’d know the real estate market is selling like hotcakes. Having the right numbers and figures will help you make the right purchasing or selling decision. Slavens & Associates Real Estate Inc. brings you a visual report about the hottest property figures in 2012. Don’t miss out on that dream real estate listing!

This is a good report for anyone owning or looking to own a home in Toronto. It’s quick to breeze through and offers insight as to what styles of home have become more and less affordable. I’m glad to see that it is focused on numbers and avoids heavy blocks of text. However, the data viz seems a little random.

I’m not sure how the days are being represented in the average number of days on the market. And for the Average Sale Price to List Price Ratio graph, the distance between 99% and 101% is larger than that between 101% and 105%! For the July 2012 Home Price Index Increase, the circles ideally would be sized according to their percent increase, but instead they are all the same size. The bottom stat looks like it is a start to a bar graph, but the 52% isn’t really shown.

So on the plusses, we have a clear theme, clear and concise information, and data used. However, the data viz isn’t serving its purpose, and the design itself isn’t particularly engaging. Overall I’d give it a C+ — definitely a step in the right direction, but not quite displaying the intended characteristics of an infographic.

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