Infographic: The Reach of the Breach–The Biggest Security Breaches of All Time


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This infographic was submitted to us by Rasmussen College.

This is a wonderful example of converting the majority of your data into accessible visualizations The only necessary reading on this infographic is explaining a visualization, number or stat beyond what is shown. The biggest data breaches are impressive to look at, displayed nicely and definitely impart the severity of fraud. All the text serves a useful purpose and does not need to be cut out–though there are places it could be trimmed a little.

For example, in the “identity theft stays on top” section, some of the text tries to be professionally sort of verbose or fluffy, but brevity would be preferable. “The most common fraud committed is identity theft, accounting for nearly 20% of all reported 2010 cases” is 17 words, but can be shortened to something like “2010: 20% of frauds were identity theft, the most common fraud” which saves six words. It seems petty but it makes a difference.

I also wonder a little about the title, “The Biggest Security Breaches of All Time.” Only one section of the IG actually covers this–the rest is more generally about fraud and identity fraud. “The Reach of the Breach” is definitely cute, though!

Aside from these points, the color scheme is great, the data viz is sensible and effective, the design is clean and the copy is, too. This infographic is quite successful–I could even see it being expanded to cover identity theft and/or fraud in a broader, more thorough sense. In recognition of this great work I’d give this infographic an A-!

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